Frequently Asked Questions


Below are answers to just a few FAQs about our vehicle hire services

If you have a question but can't see the answer here, please contact us and we will get back to you ASAP

We have a secure online booking page. You simply input your information and pay on card. Prices are calculated per 24 hour period.


If the vehicle you would like is not available online for your dates, please call or email anytime and we'll let you know what we can do for you.

You can also email at 

All our vehicles can be driven on a standard car license. 

  • you are between the ages of 25 and 75 years
  • have held a drivers licence for a minimum of two years
  • can supply an up to date utility bill which matches the address on your drives license
  • have not had your licence suspended for any period within the last three years
  • have not been involved in more than one fault incident within the last three years
  • have no more than two convictions with a maximum of 3 points per conviction
  • have not obtained a BA, DD or UT conviction

For most nationalities it is not a problem. If your license is from outside the UK or the EU please email through a copy of your drivers license in advance so that we can check with our insurers.

Between 25 and 75 as standard.

Drivers aged 23 or 24 can be insured subject to approval by our insurers.

  • Drivers license
  • 2 x proof of address
  • Online dvla license check

Please email these in advance of the hire. 

Please provide full page scans or good pictures and please include everything on one email.

The license checks are done through the DVLA website:

You must provide a total of 2 proofs of address from the following:
• Electricity (bill/statement) • Water (bill/statement) • Gas (bill/statement) • Broadband/Landline • Council tax • TV licence • Bank Statement • Credit card bill / statement • Mortgage statement • Polling card • HMRC self-assessment / tax credit • Student loan • Shotgun licence • Payslip • Mobile phone bills • Pension letters • Car finance statement • Loan statement • Property deed
- An annual council tax bill will be accepted.
- All other documents must be dated within 90 days of the hire date.
- The address & name on your licence must match both documents.
- No documents relating to insurance will be accepted.
- PDF of online bills / statements are acceptable.
- Must be the full page, but you can black out private financial information.

If you don't have everything please contact us in advance of booking so that we can check if our insurance will cover you.

We may ask new customers to hold £500 on a card on collection at the discretion of the rental office.

Car hire companies in the UK do not sell insurance to their customers. The driver is fully liabable for the vehicle, any third party claims or costs to Far Beyond Driven Limited. We do have a fully comprehensive insurance policy in place and determinant on compliance with all terms and conditions your damage liability is limited to £1500,  we can agree to reduce your liability further in exchange for a fee.

The standard liability is £1500.

This can be reduced to £250 for a fee of £10 ex vat per day.

We have 2 sites.

With StageFreight at Stourton in south Leeds just off the M1 at LS10 1RT and with STS at in Manchester at M12 4AH

Yes. Please contact us for a quote.

If drivers are available then we will charge £20 per hour plus expenses such as fuel, Ubers and trains.

For example the cost to deliver to London would be £300 ex vat.


Yes 1 car free of charge.

Additional vehicles charged are charged at £10 plus vat £12 inc per day.

Vehicles are supplied with a full tank of diesel, please remember to return with a full tank.

We will charge £20 plus vat plus the cost of the fuel to refill the tank for you.

When using our booking software hire days are calculated per 24 hours.

If you choose to collect at 10am and return at 10am this is charged as 1 day.

For example if collecting at 11am Thursday and returning 11am Saturday this would be charged as 2 days rental.

Yes please contact to arrange this in adance.

Yes, there is a £20 ex VAT per day charge. We will need to know which countries you will be driving through as some countries are subject to restrictions or exclusions and we may have to charge additional costs.

Don't panic! We are used to it. Please call our office. If we don't pick up, please email.

Take photos of all vehicles involved. 4 photos of the whole of each vehicle taken from all 4 corners. Take close up photos of any areas of damage. Please record all details of the incident to include the time, location, direction of travel, purpose of journey, speed of travel, driving conditions and what happened in detail.

You are liable for the vehicle and the costs as if it was your own. To make claim through our insurance, you must comply with our claim process. It is the same as if you are driving your own car, without a successful claim you are liable for the full cost. You are liable for the insurance excess and for any costs to Far Beyond Driven Limited not covered by insurance.

If you need alternative transport or to source alternative equipment, we will do our upmost to help and to keep you on the road.

Please call our office.

Take 4 photos of the whole vehicle one from each corner. Take photos of any areas of damage. Please record the date, time, location and anything else relevant.

We will assist with organising on the road repair as necessary.

You will be liable for the cost of any costs not covered by insurance, without a successful claim you are liable for the full cost as if it was your own car.

If you need alternative transport or to source alternative equipment, we will do our upmost to help you and keep you on the road.

Our insurance is purely for the vehicle. You will need you're own insurance to cover any of your own belongings.

No sorry you will need to arrange your own cover for this. Our insurance policy covers accidental damage to our vehicle and third party vehicles subject to an excess amount.

We provide complementary European roadside assistance as standard. The roadside assistance information will be included with your vehicle. Please call our office and we will endeavour to get you moving again as quickly as possible. We cannot accept any liability for any losses you may incure as a result.

Please deal with these directly. If we receive a penalty charge by post we will direct the relevant party to contact you directly.

All our vehicles meet the latest Euro 6 emissions standards and do not need to pay any charges to enter low emission zones. Please check local regulations when travelling outside of the UK to insure you have any permits required.


Please pay this online on the TFL website.


All our vehicles are set to auto pay. Please let us know if you will be using the Dartford Tunnel or QE2 Bridge so we can add this cost to your invoice.


Yes. We buy vehicles new and sell after 3 to 5 years subject to mileage. We are always open to offers!


No but please let us know if you are planning to do several thousand.

Winter tyres are now a legal requirement for vehicles traveling in Austria (1 Nov – 15 Apr), Finland (1 Dec – 28 Feb), Sweden (1 Dec – 31 Mar) and Germany (when conditions dictate). We can supply full winter tyres with the M+S* markings if requested in advance and add the cost of this to your invoice.